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With over 15 years coaching experience I use the skills I have developed to help you clarify where you are and what you want to work towards in your life. Coaching provides a safe, confidential space for you to work on areas of personal and professional development.


Supervision is an invaluable, supportive resource for coaches at all levels. It provides an opportunity to develop skills, celebrate successes and increase your professionalism in what can be a lonely career. I offer 1-1 and group supervision.


I have developed and delivered training events on a broad range of topics including: Confidence Building, Negotiation Skills, Developing Resilience and many more. I have run events in person and online.


I took the photo above when I was on holiday in Madeira. I hadn’t been having a great day when we set out for a walk that morning. It was a cloudy, overcast day, not unlike my mood. We headed up into the hills and as we passed through the clouds the most amazing views emerged.


My day instantly improved. The things that had been bothering me seemed to diminish as I soaked up the beautiful horizons and appreciated the warmth from the sun. The connection I suddenly felt towards the vista, and to myself as I marvelled at it, gave me a stronger, more grounded sense of self from which to consider my problem. This shift in perspective made everything instantly more manageable.


This is what coaching does. It offers a confidential, safe space where you can talk with honest frankness about your situation, and be helped to rise above the clouds in your life to remind yourself of the bigger picture. This allows you to reconnect to your strengths and resources and identify steps you can take that will move you in a more positive direction.


Having the skills and tools to help people experience this in their lives is what makes coaching such a joy for me. I have this photograph on my wall to remind me that the sun still shines above the clouds for all of us.

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