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A major support in developing my own coaching practice was always having good supervision. Someone I could go to and share any difficulties or be helped to find new approaches and perspectives. I still have supervision myself which continues to improve my scope and effectiveness as a coach and supervisor.


I like to think of supervision more as 'super-vision', which is another way of saying how else can I see this.


When talking about a coaching session that has not gone as well as you would have liked, it can bring new understandings about what else might have been happening that you weren’t aware of in the moment.


We are all human and can’t always avoid our own blind spots or triggers. Supervision gives us a safe, non-judgemental space where we can review times where we might have been drawn into reactions that arose from our own 'stuff'. Processing this with a supervisor can help us recognise our own sensitivities and biases, so that in a similar situation in the future, we are more likely to recognise it in the moment and be able to respond more consciously and helpfully.

Supervision is not just about working with difficulties. When a session has gone really well it can be helpful to examine in detail what you did to facilitate that, identifying interventions you made without consciously realising how they would be helpful.


It's amazing how often I speak to a coach who thinks something just went well by chance, then, when you discuss their interventions and reactions from that session, you help them realise just how much skill they were using. The downside of unconscious competance is we can fail to notice how skillful we are becoming.


It can be transformational when you work through a session like this and the coach gains a better understanding of their own resources. Having this knowledge helps us to use these skills more consciously in sessions where things are not initially flowing naturally.


Coaching can be a very isolated role and it is vital for a coach to find trusted support where they can honestly explore and discuss their coaching work. Supervision provides this. It is an excellent way to develop and sustain your coaching competence.


Supervision supports the development of skills and self awareness. It helps us to gain new insights on the coaching relationships and to give support in respect of recurring, challenging or unexpected client material. It provides a space to explore all that goes on at the interface between coach and client and beyond.


Nothing happens in a vaccuum, both we and our clients exist in multiple systems, family, work, social societal, generational and global. All of which can have an impact on what is happening in the room in a coaching session between two people.


In addition to specific client work you may wish to discuss broader issues affecting your coaching practice, such as contracting, ethical issues, your own personal development or even to discuss generating more clients for yourself.


Supervision is a space of learning, where together with your supervisor, and fellow coaches if you are in a group, you can reflect on yourself, you as coach, your coaching practice, your clients, your relationships with clients and the client systems within which you are working. Your supervisor will support you in this, offering challenge where necessary and suggestions where appropriate, all without judgement.

I offer one-to-one and group supervision. I work with groups no larger than four.

If you would like to discuss supervision with me, do call me on 07710 240 585 or complete the contact form below.


Client Testimonials

"Muriel gave me new perspectives when I was stuck, identified external resources, things to read, to extend my skills on that topic. She has oodles of empathy, listens deeply, so that what she says resonates. Her mastery is so masterful, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were having a chat. And as a result of that 'chat', I'm a more confident & competent coach, plus I've expanded my range. Thank you, Muriel."

 Shivaun McCullough

Life Coach & Communications Consultant



"I had the pleasure of being supervised by Muriel last year. She helped me work through some ethical dilemmas in regard to a few clients I was working with. She inspired confidence in my own abilities and intuition, and boosted my confidence. She was great at holding a safe space for me to explore my doubts and hesitations, while at the same time mirroring back my strengths and helping me reflect on lessons learnt. She established very clear boundaries through the contracting process.

At the beginning of the supervision sessions she was great at helping me settle and attain a place of serenity to start the process. She offered new perspectives helping me reflect on triggers, responses and new possibilities. Her knowledge of the corporate world helps to put things in the right context and perspective. She has a sensitive and highly empathic touch while at the same time shining with her own confidence and professionalism. I highly recommend Muriel as supervisor, she is amazing."

 Ann-Sophie Cremers, Managing Partner In Motion Consulting

"In my view there are too many ‘coaches’ that jump on this bandwagon, without much experience as a coach themselves. Muriel on the other hand has huge ‘Real world’ experience and continuous trainings over many years. Her sensitivity, yet firmness, self-awareness and flexibility serve you and your client really well."

Martin Johnson Coach, Facilitator, Trainer

"I recommend Muriel as a coach supervisor who's able to challenge with curiosity and hold your discoveries with care, it's always good to step back, reflect in a safe space and freely talk about situations whilst becoming aware of blind spots. It's important to me to maintain high standards of competence and professionalism and I found Muriel was able to fully support me growing within my coaching practice."
Paola S. Exec Coach and NLP Trainer

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